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The insurance Act provides that work injury benefits insurance is the business of effecting and carrying out business contracts of insurance against the liability of employer to the employees in respect of any injury or disease arising out of and in the course of employment

The Work Injury Benefits Act WIBA  2007 provides for compensation to employees for related injuries and diseases contracted in the course of their employment and for connected purposes. This Act repealed the Work Compensation Act (WCA).WIBA applies to all employees including employees of government, other than members of Armed Forces. It provides that every employer shall obtain and maintain an insurance policy with an insurer approved by the Minister (for the time being responsible for Labor matters) in respect of any liability that the employer may incur under the Act with Respect to any of their employees.

An employee who is involved in an accident resulting to disablement or death is subject to the provisions of the Act and is entitled to the benefits provided under the Act. An employer is liable to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Act to an employee injured while at work.

It provides for a schedule of compensation based on degree of disablement. Compensation shall be based on 96 months’ earnings as opposed to 60 months under the repealed WCA.

The WIBA provides that a claim shall be settled within 90 days of lodging.